A look at the residencies that could have happened during the pandemic. This time with Koen Doodeman.


Koen Doodeman

"The importance of tangibility
and physicality has increased."

Koen Doodeman lives and works in Amsterdam with his wife and 2 year old daughter, in a modest house that beautifully combines living and working areas. He also has an art studio on the other side of the city where he works on larger projects. 


When asked about the pandemic, Koen says:


It has certainly had an impact on my work. Textiles is very much about tactility.. and painting, too, is connected to the physical perception. Now, with the social distancing, the importance of tangibility and physicality has become even more important to me, and more present in my work. While in our daily lives, there is a lack of it. 

Koen has been busy during the pandemic with his solo exhibition which has been running until recently at the Gerhard Hofland Gallery in Amsterdam. You can read about it here.

Had he been able to come to the residency in 2020 as planned, it would most likely have been a time to connect with nature and immerse himself in the artistic process in an open-ended manner. 

The Irish countryside wold have been a much-welcomed break from the dense city. Staying at Carraig-na-gCat would have given me a sense of spaciousness, which I think would impact my work. Apart from that, a residency always gives the opportunity for contemplation..I imagine myself in the Irish landscapes, gazing at the ocean, scanning the horizon looking for whales, walking, reading, writing.. 


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